Zydeco Bistro Sauce


Pour it on baby!! Zydeco Bistro Sauce is the special sauce that people ask for by name. From po-boys to poultry, fish to shellfish, hush puppies to hamburgers and fries, there’s practically nothing on our menu that our patrons haven’t asked for topped with this zingy, flavorful condiment.

Free shipping, and only available in packs of six, which makes it great to share with family and friends.


Zydeco Bistro Sauce – Pour it on baby!! The real deal condiment adds “ZING” to almost anything. Slap that sauce on a po-boy or anything else that needs that needs to be saucy. Inspired by the traditional remoulade sauces of New Orleans fame, Zydeco Bistro Sauce is our own specially created recipe that offers the Yin and Yang flavor. Perfect consistency for multiple uses on our menus at Zydeco and Bourbon Street. Heck, the Zydeco food truck is basically named in honor of this addictive sauce!


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