Johnny’s Mojo Hot Sauce Four Pack


Order now, get four bottles for only $27!

Add some spice to your life! Johnny’s Mojo Hot Sauce is an integral part of most recipes, including our famous Frog and Hot Rock Shrimp Sauce.

Free shipping, and only available in packs of four, which makes it great to share with family and friends.

(Johnny’s Mojo Hot Sauce 5 oz bottle)


Chef Johnny’s Mojo Hot Sauce adds “ZING” to almost anything. Shake it on meats, fish, salads, soups, vegetables, eggs and more! With 30 years cooking and serving his loyal patrons, Chef Johnny can tell you that most guests ask for generous amounts of Mojo Hot Sauce before they dig in. But not just any old hot sauce-it needs to be flavorful, just the right amount of heat, so as not to overwhelm the sublets flavors of the dish.


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