By Lisa Abraham / Beacon Journal Food Writer

Chef John Schulze has found a new home in Twinsburg since his departure from the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth and is working on even bigger plans.

Schulze is getting ready to launch his own mobile food truck called Zydeco Bistro that will serve the Cajun and Creole cuisine of his native Louisiana.

Schulze said he got the idea for a mobile restaurant in 1993, while he was working as a chef’s apprentice in New Orleans and serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard as a combat engineer officer.

”The guard unit I was with was sent on a humanitarian mission to Central America. There, I watched two Army cooks serve approximately 150 soldiers in about an hour and was amazed how efficient and organized they were — the seed for this new business venture began there,” he said.

With the popularity of mobile food trucks, Schulze said he felt now was the time to turn his dream into a reality, so he left the Galaxy to pursue it. He hopes that Zydeco Bistro will be up and running in time for Mardi Gras, and plans to locate his truck primarily in the Cleveland area to start.

For information about his offerings or to contact him about catering, call 330-352-2762.