Hiss Bakery and Chef Johnny @Zydeco Bistro

Hiss Bakery and Chef Johnny @Zydeco Bistro

King Cakes made fresh this year at Hiss Bakery

By Lisa Abraham

It’s almost time for Mardi Gras and that means it’s already time for king cake.
Wadsworth chef John Schulze, owner of Zydeco Bistro food truck and a Louisiana transplant, has teamed up with Karl Hiss of Barberton’s Hiss Bakery to produce authentic king cakes.
Schulze said he has spent the last 20 years perfecting the recipe he got in culinary school in Louisiana and last year approached Hiss about making them on a large scale. They have been hard at work, creating two cakes, one a cinnamon braid and the other a cream cheese-filled round, both of which come in two sizes.
“I do not think anyone has a better product in the area, can produce them in quantity to order or say they are made with the skill that we have,” Schulze said.

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Welcome to EAT STREET Cleveland!

Welcome to EAT STREET Cleveland!

Cleveland is known world-wide for Rock-n-Roll But right now, the drum beat is for Cleveland’s most delectable foods.

The cuisine may be Cajun but it’s the taste of Cleveland these days that’s drawing crowds wherever these food trucks park and serve.

“I’m so torn. I don’t know if I’m to get jambalaya or I’m going to come over here and get curry chicken. Mmmm. I don’t know. I’m going to have to do an eeny meeny minny mo,” said Angela Jones.

Hungry folks gathered in a hurry soon after some food trucks parked at the Red Cross Headquarters for mid-town chow down.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t know what to expect.”

The reputation of Cleveland’s fine foods is spreading across the nation. Peter Waal and crew from The Cooking Channel have been smitten with Cleveland’s cuisine.

“It was like the best meal we’ve ever had in our lives. It was at a restaurant called The Greenhouse. We sat at the chef’s table and they took care of us. It was incredible. The food trucks are amazing,” said The Cooking Channel’s Peter Waal.

Oh yeah, the food trucks are the focus of the Cooking Channel’s show… “Eat Street.” Cleveland is the first stop of a national tour for season three.

“Well, you know we have the best food. People go to sleep on us but this is a great town for food,” said Andrenee Priest.

“I love the fact that Cleveland has let something like this happen. Definitely, getting a lot of spin,” said Aaron Fraley.