Chef Johnny

Meet Chef Johnny Schulze, ACF CCC®, Certified Chef De Cuisine®

Johnny Schulze is an award winning ACF CCC®, Certified Chef De Cuisine®, New Orleans trained chef with 25 years of professional experience in Atlanta GA, Hartford Connecticut, Nantucket Massachusetts,  South Louisiana and now NE Ohio.

Chef Johnny has extensive training and experience in both Northern Italian and Classical French cuisines. His menus are eclectic, and his culinary style is both simple and sophisticated. Having grown up in South Louisiana, he brings his love of Creole and Cajun inspired cuisine to Northeast Ohio via Zydeco Bistro’s mobile restaurant.  With Zydeco Bistro opened for business, Chef is offering professional chef consulting, formal yet practical training in ServSafe® food safety, catering, cooking demonstrations, personal chef, guest restaurant chef and mobile restaurant services.

Chef Johnny’s unique mobile restaurant brings the culture of Louisiana to the Great Lakes, which includes authentic Creole and Cajun dishes among other culinary creations.

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